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Outdoor Living 

Design and Installation Services 

Staying in is the new going out

The concept of outdoor living has become increasingly more popular over the past few years. This is a trend especially popular here in Texas where the weather is highly amenable to spending a large majority of the year outside; from cooling off in your swimming pool

to warming up by a fire pit.

What do you mean by Outdoor Living?

By the very nature of the two words – outdoor living – it means bringing the indoors out and creating an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment to spend time with friends and family.


It's a very basic concept that includes a variety of options including adding hardscapes to your existing landscaping, creating a new environment that includes very little living materials

(plants, flowers, grass, trees, etc) or somewhere in between.


Whatever your vision for outdoor living looks like, our Landscape Designers are here to help.

What are hardscapes? 

Hardscapes are the incorporation of created hard materials, man-made structures into the landscape.

Within the trend of outdoor living, hardscape landscaping has become more popular as people have less and less time in general and prefer to enjoy their outdoor living space versus spending a lot of time maintaining it.  

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Hardscape services



Water features including fountains, ponds and waterfalls

Outdoor kitchens

Pool design


Outdoor lighting

Grass alternatives 

Grass alternatives take the low maintenance trend to the limit. They're a great option for clients who love enjoying a beautiful outdoor living space but don't have the time or desire to maintain their space each week.  

You get the benefits of a beautiful landscape without the extensive maintenance, while  

potentially generating some savings on water costs as well. 

Options include: 

Artificial turf


Paver stones


Grass alternatives
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